Christiana & Vanessa Y

A tremendously hot and passionate encounter of two girls obviously feeling love for each other. Thanks Christiana and Vanessa for sharing these private and intimate moments with us, it’s a blessing. There are so many beautiful pics, but I found this vampire’s kiss most impressive, it stands in its sensuality for the whole set.



Age: 19
Height: 172
City: Far North Queensland
Julietta looks so gorgeous in the preview pic for this outdoor shoot.В
I love the nature shots it really shows the true beauty of the model when they shoot somewhere green, beachy etc



“…. Hi Magda —
Don’t know if you’re looking at this thread, but I wanted to say that I really really liked your shoot. You are one very sexy woman, and I hope we’ll see you again. To add to the choir, I really liked your looks and make special note of your creamy skin, eyes and those sweet breasts. And I liked those glasses and even the cute white bra.
I also liked (though not in the same way) that old television…your place (assuming it is yours) looks interesting. Thanks for posing for us!……”


Two Toned Hair

Kerryn is cute. She’s got this cute German accent. She’s a little shy about things but that is also really cute. She also likes to knit cute things and be just generally cute. It’s quite impressive for her to be cute still at 28 but Kerryn does a good job at it.



Femkeв’s first shoot seeв’s her debut under beautiful blue skys as she slowly reveals to you her gorgeous slim figure, long slender legs and natural full bush of pubes.
Starting off on the window ledge playing her guitar she then moves back out of veiw, onto the bed and starts to tease us with a slow and personal undress. Against the vibrant colors of the room and sky Femke explores every intimatly erotic portion of her body.



Age: 20
Height: 157
City: Melbourne
Sandy can be found studying hard when she’s not taking off her clothes and giving us a bit of a show, if she’s not got her nose in a book she’s making cute clothes that show off her curves.
We have to wait to find out if Sandy H had a Bra that was part of a set with her Panties !


Ashley and Ella

Ashley and Ella are sitting on the couch when Ashley decides to give Ella’s manicured feet a foot massage. As she reaches for lotion, Ashley’s large breasts are visible down blouse and when she sits her white lace panties ride up into her labia, showing off the shape of her vulva.
Enjoying the massage, Ella turns over so that Ashley can massage her back. As Ashley soothes out the kinks on Ella’s back with her hands, she also uses her breasts to get those tricky spots. Ella turns over and they kiss before they are nipple to nipple, sliding up and down. Ella sits on top of Ashley and she fingers her deeply before Ashley licks Ella’s perfectly shaved vulva. Wanting more, they start tribbing, their shaved vulva’s passionately grinding against each other to climax.